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Don’t Read the Comments….Especially From Christians


One of my favorite websites (both to read and write for) published a piece I wrote today on the power of internet comments. Tony Campolo said it was “very personal” and while I never said those words, I have to admit they’re true. This is a very personal topic for me, because it’s effected me and my love ones.

Here’s a snippet of the piece, to read the full thing please head on over to Red Letter Christians.


“In the minds of these commenters, what they’re doing isn’t trolling. It’s witnessing. Preaching. Doing God’s work. When they attack a gay man who just shared how hard it was for him to come back to Christ after accepting his orientation, they’re just trying to make sure he doesn’t “submit to sin.” When they call a progressive Christian woman who supports birth control a “feminazi baby-killer” they’re just trying to restore society to it’s proper gendered order. And when they download software that allows them to mask their IP address, so that they can keep commenting after they’ve been banned weekly for three years, they’re just showing how hard they’re determined to support the kingdom.

Only they’re not doing any of those things. Not because dialogue among people who disagree can’t be helpful. But because dialogue is not what these commenters are after. What they’re after is the ability to unleash their frustration, anger, and dissonance on people who they think are wrong. It’s never been about wanting to “help” those people see the light, because if it was, the comments would not be so biting and nasty. It’s always been about tearing others down, so they can feel superior. “

See more at: http://www.redletterchristians.org/dont-read-comments-especially-christians/#sthash.bEA2tiyX.dpuf”

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