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All Wedding Planning And No Play Makes Emily Crazy


I broke my own self-imposed rule and let two weeks go by without a blog post. For that I apologize.It’s depressing, but I’m just too stressed and consumed with wedding planning right now to write. Not to say I don’t technically have time, just that, when there are a few free minutes, my brain won’t stop going over seating charts and centerpieces long enough for me to come up with anything meaningful to put down on paper (err, internet.)

When I’ve been in group settings lately and someone asks me “so how are you?” I have to resist the urge to go on a forty minute tirade about the costs of up-lighting. My brain tells my mouth to stop moving at the point the person’s eyes glaze over, but that crazy bride-to-be in me doesn’t stop. We’re 10 weeks to go, and sadly, the only things I have to talk about are things that I never thought I’d want to talk about – wedding planning. Don’t worry, I’m still me though, so my angle isn’t how much I love organza or tulle, but namely, how much wedding planning blows and how much I can’t wait to just be married already. Things should return back to normal after April, but I can’t commit to any worthy content until then.

In the meantime, here’s a picture that will probably make some people mad, that gave me  a lot to think about. I figured it’s appropriate for the topic. They may not be my words, but I can still stir stuff up damnit!

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