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Where’s My Social Security check!?!


Last night I turned 26. With this turning of the tide, bringing me closer to the shore of my thirties and actual real adulthood, with 401Ks and stuff, I thought it’d be appropriate to throw a party. A 1920’s murder mystery themed party. In a word, it was amazinglystupendous. Yes, I made that word up. You are allowed to do that when you’re an adult. Everyone dressed in costume, got really into their characters, and had a blast. Nobody correctly solved the murder, but hey, we had fun trying. My sister is just that evil…I mean….just that good an actress. Also, the fact that I live in a giant early 1900s house really helped to get people into the spirit of the evening. Here are some pictures for you to enjoy, thanks to William Jonathan Morgan, and his lovely wife Jen, who are both amazing photographers. They made my birthday wish, of having memorable pictures of my party, come true.

Ryan and I
My lovely (in character all night!) Mother Shelly, myself, and my gorgeous sister Stephanie
Kevin and Melissa, one of the amazing married couples I live with  

Chris & Audra, the other awesome *future married couple I live with (*Audra moves in next month when they get hitched!)

My best friends Katy and Paul (the ones who’s window I broke)

One of my favorite pictures of the evening
Ryan and his roommate Gerald, the ladies man

Aren’t my friends just the cutest? 

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