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Accio Anniversary!!


Saturday was Ryan and I’s one year anniversary. At least we think it was, we couldn’t remember exactly what day our first date was, just that it was a Saturday or Sunday in the last week of September. We think. Anyways, the 25th is what we picked, and he “surprised” me with a trip to Islands of Adventure in Orlando to visit Harry Potter land. I was BEYOND excited (he said his favorite part of the trip wasn’t the roller coasters or the rides, but seeing my face in Ollivander’s wand shop. I looked like a five year old apparently.) Here are some pictures.

Hogsmeade. They spent a lot of time making it authentic looking, it was amazing!

Hogwarts castle. The inside was wonderful, and had everything I hoped. The ride was sooo much fun too. Well worth the 1hr+wait.

Conductor of the Hogwarts Express. And yes, he had a British Accent 🙂

Ollivanders. He picked this little girl and measured her for a wand. It was awesome. Yes, there was “magic” involved. Line to get in was 90 min though!

Three Broomsticks. We each had a frozen butterbeer, and a giant turkey leg. All the workers were dressed up and looked authentic, and were very friendly!
Butterbeer is delicious. And for $11.99 it better be (we got to keep the mugs)
It was a wonderful trip, and we both had a great time. Our next trip will probably be to Tallahassee in November for the Florida/Florida State Football game. I got tickets to that for his anniversary present. He was definitely surprised. I’m sure that trip will be fun too, but sadly, the beer there will not be magical. Ah well.

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